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David Oyelowo: Hollywood’s problem with powerful black characters

Following the announcement of this year's Oscar nominees, British actor, David Oyelowo, who plays Martin Luther King in the forthcoming movie Selma, spoke to CH4 regarding Hollywood's problem with powerful black characters.

“Hollywood still has a problem with black powerful characters in the centre of their own narrative, driving their own destiny forward.  If you’re playing a subservient character, it lies comfortably within the self-fulfilling prophecy of what it is to be black in America… The difference with Malcolm X or with Selma is that you have characters who are strong, who are leaders, who have a point of view and they are driving that forward for themselves.”

Selma is directed by Ava Du Vernay and opens in the UK next month.

The Academy suffered a massive diversity failure. No women are nominated at all in the directing or writing categories, and all 20 contenders for the main acting gongs are white. Critics had predicted gongs for both Ava Du Vernay and David Oyelowo, but neither have received a nomination.

Watch the full interview and read the full article from CH4's Washington Correspondant, Kylie Morris

Views: David Oyelowo - Powerful Black Characters not welcome #changethenarrative #revmix