Melanie Abrahams

Enabler - Humber and North Yorkshire

Curator, Producer and Mentor

Melanie Abrahams (Enabler) is a curator, producer and mentor of Jamaican and Trinidadian parentage who has channeled a love of words and books into projects, businesses and escapades. She’s founder of independent organisations Renaissance One and Tilt, which make regular use of live events, tours and commissions to highlight the diverse canons of British and international literature and performance. Artists and organisations collaborated with include Miami Book Fair, Chris Ofili, The Space, Bocas Lit Fest (Trinidad) and the BBC. Her contribution has been recognised through a ‘Women To Watch’ Award, and curatorships and speaker commissions for Bluecoat, Carnival Village and Creative & Cultural Skills. Recent projects include Mentoring Three Ways, which offered industry panels, creativity talks and 50 one-to-one mentoring sessions to practitioners around England; and The Independence Project, which presented fifteen curated events on autonomy and independence, including a one-day festival at the British Library.