About Revolution Mix

The Black British story is more than just slavery, immigration and teenage gang crime.

Revolution Mix was a movement: placing the Black narrative at the heart of British Theatre.

Revolution Mix stories are the Hidden Histories that exist in a landscape of more than 500 years of Black British History.

New Work

Eclipse spearheaded the largest ever body of new Black British work in Theatre, Film and Radio.

The first production – Black Men Walking – was an epic walk across the Peaks that uncovered 2,000 years of hidden Black Yorkshire histories. Inspired by a real walking group, it had a sold-out UK tour in 2018 and returned for a second tour in 2019 by popular demand.

The Last Flag (BBC Radio 4 Afternoon Play) is set in an imagined near-future world where identity and empathy are electronically controlled. The Last Flag was voted as BBC Radio 4's Drama Of The Week.

Princess & The Hustler was a more recent but equally forgotten story from Bristol. This 1963 story was a domestic drama set in the home of a Black family that cleverly combined the politics of colourism with The Bristol Bus Boycott – a seminal Black British civil rights action that led to the Race Relations Act of 1965. Princess & The Hustler is a story of Black agency that is funny, powerful and uplifting.

The Gift, an outrageous play about imperialism, cross-racial adoption, cultural appropriation...and tea, toured in early 2019.

“Powerful, political, lyrical.” ★★★★★ The Stage on Black Men Walking

"Richly textured, passionate and enormously affecting. Beautiful.” ★★★★ The Times on Princess & The Hustler

“Filled to the brim with great writing and good performances.”  The Guardian on The Gift

"A bold exploration of black Britishness that is as agonising as it is funny.”  ★★★★ The Metro on The Gift

Who Told the Story

Eclipse developed this unique body of work with:

  • 15 Black Writers
  • 12 Partner Theatres
  • 12 Audience Development Officers
  • 150 Black Actors, Directors, Designers and Musicians