About Slate (2017 - 2019)

Slate: Black. Arts. World. was a three-year project, that ran 2017 - 2019, led by Eclipse that supported Black artists in the North to work regionally, nationally and internationally, building sustainable models for careers in the independent sector.

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Published in collaboration with Indigo Ltd.

For many years Black artists, and fellow artists also maginalised for their race, have been forced to operate almost entirely outside of the established ‘cultural sector’ with their skills, knowledge, informal networks, funding opportunities and leadership potential remaining undervalued – the project sought to identify the challenges these artists faced and tackle them head on.

This work is now even more timely, relevant and important. At the time of writing the publication, the British theatre industry’s future course was and is still changing daily. Under the umbrella of COVID-19, we have witnessed the murder of George Floyd in the USA. This has led to a deeper and continual exposing of systematic racism in the UK and our world. As the arts sector re-emerges and makes its tentative first steps to a “new normal”, Eclipse shares this report to be used by Black-led companies and artists to make the case for funding and support for change as well as acting as a reminder to the wider sector of the work already done, the lessons learnt and a call to action now and for our all our futures.

There has never been a time in the history of our lives like the one we are facing now and we hope that the ground-breaking work already done over the past three years can be built upon and given fresh impetus and focus.

Slate was delivered by a team of Black arts leaders, based across the region.

The Enablers supported Black artists to access the range of opportunities available from exciting roundtable events, workshops, inspiring residencies, retreats, production support, ‘go-see’ bursaries as well as commissions.

There were 12 commissions available in total across three rounds of commissioning for Black artists based in the North of England, working across any art form (including, but not limited to, visual arts, theatre, dance, circus, music, literature and film).

First Round Commissioned Artists (2018)

Naomi Sumner Chan | Nwando Ebizie | Dorcas Sebuyange | Shanaz Gulzar 

Second Round Commissioned Artists (2018/2019)

Malika Booker | Lwimbo Kunda | Ryan Harston | Chanje Kunda

Third Round Commissioned Artists (2019/2020)

Houmi Miura  | Olivia Hannah | Dorcas Sebuyange | Keisha Thompson 

Slate was a consortia of 10 organisations: Hull Truck, Oxford Playhouse, British Council, Bradford City Council, York Theatre Royal, Pilot Theatre, Live Theatre, Unity Theatre, HOME MCR, Forced Entertainment and East Street Arts.

With our partners Creative Europe, we are currently leading on Slate World a programme of work shared in Amsterdam and Portugal.

Watch this space for new opportunities for Black artists coming soon...

Commissioned Artists

Slate Commissioned Artists - Third Round (2019/2020)

Houmi Miura  | RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT Slate Commission
Olivia Hannah | RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT Slate Commission

Dorcas Sebuyange | MAKE Slate Commission

Keisha Thompson | MAKE Slate Commission 

Slate Commissioned Artists - Second Round (2019)

Malika Booker | RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT Slate Commission
Lwimbo Kunda | RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT Slate Commission   

Ryan Harston | MAKE Slate Commission   

Chanje Kunda | MAKE Slate Commission 

Naomi Sumner Chan | MAKE Slate Commission

Nwando Ebizie | MAKE Slate Commission

Dorcas Sebuyange | RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT Slate Commission

Shanaz Gulzar | RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT Slate Commission