Black Men Walking - Reviews Round-Up

Since the tour of Black Men Walking kicked off in January, the debut Revolution Mix production has sold out Manchester, Leeds, Nottingham, London and Sheffield and been received by enthusiasm from critics and audiences alike.

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The Stage

"linguistically dazzling, full of punchy humour and poetic charm...this is an important, political, poignant work that dismantles stereotypes" > Click here to read the review


Manchester Theatre Awards

"exhiliarating and absorbing" > Click here to read the review


The Great Outdoors


"engaging, humorous, challenging and profoundly moving...this play enthusiastically delivers an important message about perfecptions of race identity" > Click here to read the review


What's On Stage

"as poetic as it is potent...a play that pendulums between drama and poetry, spinning off into rhythmic refrains and beat-poems" > Click here to read the review


A Younger Theatre

"joyfully ambitious...this play is important, integral and forcing us to challenge what we know about the history of Black people in Britain" > Click here to read the review


Country Walking

"an astonishing piece of theatre. It's about many things: race memory, friendship, being British and black, casual racism, loneliness, ageing, disconneciton. It's about Star Trek and Sheffield Wednesday and Kit Kats. But it's also - absolutely and joyously - about walking" > Click here to read the review


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What have audiences been saying?

"extremely powerful, funny & true to what it means to be black in Britain"

"Wow just wow... Thought provoking, funny and extremely relatable!"

"Just out of #BlackMenWalking @eclipsetcl @northernstage - I loved that there was a #BlackWomanWalking too out there connecting them all together, totally relate #ilovenature"

"I loved #BlackMenWalking... I left the theatre 10ft high - proud of being here. 'We walked England before the English'"

"Now I know what the fuss is about. More astonishing writing by @homecut, great cast and set, #incrediblestories"

"Wow! Thought provoking, sensitive, funny, tender, historical, contemporary, poignant. Amazing piece of theatre"

"A crescendo of Black British history crashing down on modent day racial prejudices"


Dawn Walton talked to The Pool about shining a light on centuries of Black British history in theatre; click here to read the article.

To read an article from The Guardian on the Sheffield Black men's walking group that inspried the play, click here.

And click here to listen to Dawn Walton, an episode of Radio 4's brilliant Behind the Scenes series following Eclipse's Artistic Director in the making, rehearsal and launch of Black Men Walking.


Black Men Walking is touring nationally until the end of April. Click here to see the full tour dates, and book your tickets.