Slate Social (Hull): Fri 11 May

Hull Truck Theatre - part of GROW festival ([email protected] Room)
Fri 11 May
5.30 - 7pm

Eclipse's Slate is an international movement, in the North of England, that will support thousands of Black Independent Artists by increasing access to local, national and international networks. 

Slate Social is a place to meet other artists of colour. Whatever art form you're working in, whether you're starting out or an old hand, this is the space is for you!

It is an opportunity for meeting and socialising with fellow artists and practitioners, and exchanging information and tips, through a mix of conversations and guest speakers who offer insights into their practice and projects.

Guest speakers will include Siddi Majubah and Yvie Holder who will offer insights into their practice, art and projects. It will also be an opportunity to find out about the latest opportunities from Slate. Please book your place on this Slate Social via the GROW festival website, here.

*To Eclipse, Black includes anyone who is marginalized for their race or ethnicity.

Slate Social (Hull): Fri 11 May