Nwando Ebizie | ‘MAKE’ Slate Commission

"I’m looking forward to creating a piece of work that reaches the intersections of black and neurodiverseartists - positing a vision of the future wherein a spectrum of shared realities are created and recreated in the artistic space."

Nwando Ebizie is a multidisciplinary artist whose work often investigates the contradictions of identity found in projected personas, the formation of mythopoeia, and the transcendence of ecstatic group ritual.

"If Nwando appears to be unlike any other artist, it’s because she’s not. The musician, producer, dancer, DJ and performance artist is more like a renaissance woman whose experimental presentations have dazzled audiences not only in theatres but have also captured the ears of tastemakers like Gilles Peterson."
- Colorising

Distorted Constellations
Commissioned by Eclipse and HOME as part of Slate: Black. Arts. World.

Distorted Constellations constructs an immersive sensory environment inspired by artist Nwando Ebizie’s mythic interpretation of the rare neurological disorder Visual Snow and her own neuro-divergency. This Afrofuturist alternate reality is a playground for creative exploration, which draws on immersive technologies and embodied ritual practice. A landscape for transformative encounters.

Programmed into the exhibition are a series of visceral and interactive performances, music and conversation-based events in collaboration with both scientists and artists. Highlights include:

20 Minutes of Action - a visceral performance drawing on Afrodiasporic ritual and research into sensory perception. Featuring motion capture technology with a 360 degree electronic score.

The World of Visual Snow - a talk by neuroscientist Dr Francesca Puledda.

Distorted Constellations particularly welcomes neurodiverse people to contribute to the ongoing development of the project. There will be an accessibility artist available each day as a point of contact for visitors.

Key dates: 
10 Jan - 26 Jan 2019, HOME Mcr
Exhibition open daily Thursdays - Sundays: 1pm - 5pm, FREE
Events Series open daily Thursdays - Sundays: 7.30pm - 10pm, Prices vary - concessions available

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Twitter: @nwando
Facebook: /NwandoEbizie

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Nwando is currently looking for an Access Assistant, click here to read more about the role.

If you want to find out more information or have any questions about Nwando or Distorted Constellations, you can get in touch with the Slate Enabler supporting the commission, Afshan D'souza-Lodhi - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Picture credit: Sarah Hickson