Slate Commissions 2018

Deadline: Mon 15 Oct, 5pm

Talented. Provocative. Innovating. Entertaining. Brave. Based in the North* of England and Black**. 

We see you. We know you’re here. We know you’ve been here all along. 

Slate is a three-year movement supporting Black artists in the North to work on a local, national and international level. Born from a consultancy with Black artists across the region and led by Eclipse, this programme is designed to help you build a stronger, more visible practice locally, nationally and internationally.  

If you’re an artist working in any form or medium, currently based in the North of England, and you have an idea or a project you’re ready to get off the ground – this is for you.

There are four commissions available in this second round of commissioning:

Research and Develop: £4,000

Two commissions available to support artists to research, develop and work through new concepts or ideas. 

Make: £8,000

Two commissions available to support artists who are ready to get their project up and running. One of the commissions is aimed at artists interested in making work for younger audiences (13 – 25 Year olds).

To download the full Commission Call Out Pack and Equal Opportunities Form, click the links below.

To download Audio Descriptions of the full Commission Call Out Pack, click the links below (Audio Description in four sections).


We encourage all applicants to talk to your local enabler to discuss any questions or access requirements; please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

* North of England (Humberside, North East, North West and Yorkshire).

**To Eclipse, Black includes anyone who is marginalized for their race or ethnicity.

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Slate Commissions 2018