Slate World: Manchester Art Walk

As part of the first Slate World residency, which happened in the North of England in June, Maya Chowdhry was asked to create a walk for the artists on the programme. Maya devised a walk that explored her art — how Manchester featured in it, and what it meant to be a Black* artist in Manchester.

The walk journeyed to areas in the city where Maya has created site-specific works, to places that are an inspiration for her creations, to venues and other places that she has worked with as an artist — everything from creating a website for ‘Kim by the Sea’ cafe in an online place to HOME Mcr, where she did research and development for her immersive dining experience — ‘What’s Eating Our Reality’.

To explore the journey, click on the markers found on this map.

*Our definition of Black includes anyone who is marginalized for their race or ethnicity.

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Slate World: Manchester Art Walk