Slate Social and Masterclass - Sheffield, Sun 15 Dec

Site Gallery, Sheffield
Sun 15 Dec

In partnership with Site Gallery and City of Ideas

Exhibition Tour
11am - 12pm

Join us for a tour of  the Rewriting The Future: Sophia Al Maria, Sonya Dyer, Ursula Mayer, Victoria Sin exhibition with Curator Angelica Sule. Feminist artists and writers have long been presenting new angles on gender, power, ecology and community.  This exhibition which runs until January 2020 explores some of the narratives. Find out more about Rewriting the Future >

Slate Masterclass
Blackness and Nature: Writing [against] Enclosure 
1 - 4pm 

Spending time in, and thinking about, nature is often perceived, across the board, to be a white middle class activity. Walking in the woods, hiking, birding, and nature writing, for instance, are all seen as white, elite concerns – at least by those whose lives are not represented in these spaces. Needless to say, the access to nature by black communities is disproportionately low, either because of social exclusion, or a genuine feeling on the part of black individuals that they do not belong in spaces or activities deemed “white”.

At a time of profusion in nature writing, discussions about ecological justice, and the “Anthropocene”, this Slate Masterclass will reflect on Black* futures in the environment and nature. We will explore the links between “antiracism” and “ecological justice”. To what extent do experiences of spatial enclosure in Black Britain have their genesis in colonial ideologies and practices of control? What are black artists (poets, novelists, theatre makers, visual artists, etc.) currently doing to envision, and work towards, more environmentally inclusive futures? These two questions will form the centrepiece of this masterclass, in which our discussion will focus on the following works by Black British or Black Caribbean writers: The Green Grass Tango (Beryl Gilroy), The Grassling (Elizabeth-Jane Burnett), Black Men Walking (Testament), and Seasonal Disturbances (Karen McCarthy Woolf). The work of visual artist Ingrid Pollard will also form part of our discussion.

Facilitator: Jason Allen-Paisant
Jason Allen Paisant is a Lecturer in Comparative Literature at the University of Leeds and a creative writer whose work operates at the intersections of decolonial critical thinking, poetics and performance studies. His scholarly work and his poetry reflect on nature in the African diaspora experience. 

RSPV to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. by Thur 12 Dec. The venue is a fully accessible space and refreshments will be provided.

*To Eclipse, Black includes anyone who is marginalized for their race or ethnicity.

Photo credit: Jules Lister

Slate Social and Masterclass - Sheffield, Sun 15 Dec