Slate North West Artists Showcase - Manchester, Fri 29 Nov

HOME, Manchester
Fri 29 Nov
4 - 7.30pm

Join Slate at HOME for an evening of performance, film and music by the very best Black* artists in the region.

Expect a weird drag tribute to Twin Peaks, a monologue on Remembrance Day and family by one of Britain’s most versatile actors, stand-up about being a mixed-race Wakefield lass with plenty of Yorkshire profanity, the true story of Islam’s first woman Sultan told through puppetry, the importance of one man’s dreadlocks, comedy about race and Brexit, and poetry from Afshan D’souza Lodhi’s brand new collection, re: desire.

We will present a series of short performances, a film, live music, and DJ RebeccaNeverBecky, followed by speeches and networking.

Visual artists Padma Rao and Ashley Karrell will be exhibiting their work until Fri 6 Dec. 

The full line-up includes: Eva Serration, Jane Steele, Afshan D'souza Lodhi, Ashleigh Nugent, Sean Cernow, Lewis Charlesworth and more. Sabina Shah will also be screening a rough-cut of Sultanate, with live musical accompaniment by Amin Bay.

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After the Slate North West Artists Showcase, stick around to see Plant Fetish by Slate Commissioned artist Chanje Kunda at 7.30pm. Those attending will have access to discounted tickets for Plant Fetish after booking a place at the showcase. This performance also features a post show discussion with Chanje Kunda, Mick McKeown PHD and Salma Mohamed Qasim PHD, for more info click here.

Eclipse's Slate is an international movement, in the North of England, that supports thousands of Black Independent Artists by increasing access to local, national and international networks.

*To Eclipse, Black includes anyone who is marginalised for their race or ethnicity.

Photo credit (main): Autumn Goodman on Unsplash 
Phot credit (showcase images): Drew Wilby