Close the Light: R&D Sharing - Liverpool, Fri 22 Nov

Fri 22 Nov 
6.30 - 8.30pm
Unity Theatre, Liverpool 
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Drinks reception and welcome - 6.30pm
Performance - 7.15pm
Discussion - 7.45pm

Close the Light explores the role and impact that physical touch has in mother/daughter relationships. Inspired by a social media post that said "Black Mother’s don’t hug their Black daughters" , Writer and Director Lwimbo Kunda wants to see how much truth there is to this statement and how culture might affect mother/daughter relationships.  

Close the Light will be a multimedia live performance that will explore touch and intimacy between Black mothers and Black daughters. The piece will look at the cultural traditions within the Black community when it comes to physical touch and expressing love. It will also look at how social and economic factors might affect relationships between Black Mother’s and Black daughters. Lwimbo is interested in anthropology and cultural studies and wants to create a piece of theatre that incorporates those two disciplines but also entertains, excites and informs. Black bodies are often sexualised and Lwimbo wants to talk about Black bodies in a way that celebrates physicality but also presents them in a way that shows their importance and value in a more wholesome way.

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Commissioned by Eclipse and Unity as part of Slate: Black. Arts. World.

Lwimbo Kunda is a film maker and visual artist based in Manchester. After graduating in Cultural and Media Studies, Lwimbo has worked in a few different disciplines but her artistic focus lies in visual art mainly working in video and film. Lwimbo has made short films with B3 Media, Cornerhouse, HOME and the BBC and has worked on theatre shows with Contact Theatre, the Royal Exchange and The Zion Centre/Z-Arts.

Image credit: Samantha Sophia on Unsplash



Close the Light: R&D Sharing - Liverpool, Fri 22 Nov