Slate Blog: Superbia Chapbook Competition Winner, Kenya Sterling

Kenya Sterling is a young writer, actor and performer from Manchester. They were one of three winners of the Superbia Chapbook Competition, funded by Manchester Pride's Superbia arts festival, and managed by Young Enigma. They received mentoring, editorial feedback and support from Greater Manchester Enabler Adam Lowe as part of the prize's package of support.

"Being new to writing, I was intrigued to see how small publishers functioned and how books are sold. It was an interesting process! Specifically how editing functioned over the course of a year to the finished product. It felt unreal once I got the first prints and got the chance to see the words on the page for the first time.

Heading to the Black Indie Queer Indie Book Fair, I was finally able to see how the public reacted to my book in person. Attending the Fair with other black and LGBT writers on Saturday 9 November was a great experience. There was a real energy in being surrounded by creative people in the same space.

I enjoyed listening to all the readings and getting to know everyone’s individual styles. I particularly enjoyed Lydia Bernsmeier-Rullow's poetry, which included a commissioned poem about Windrush based on her parents' lives. Gerry Potter was also sizzling as a lively local poet with a strong sense of style.

Though in a very public place (Central Library, Manchester), the performances still felt intimate which made them really special. The atmosphere in the room when each person spoke was electric.

This has been a really valuable experience for me, and allowed me to understand more about indie publishers and spoken word in the North."

Blog by Kenya Sterling

Photo credit: Viktor Eric Emanuel. Clothes designed by Edward Mendoza 

Slate Blog: Superbia Chapbook Competition Winner, Kenya Sterling