Eclipse Commissioned Artist: Houmi Miura

Houmi Miura is an East Asian actor, theatre-maker and writer based in Manchester. She was selected for the BBC Writersroom Northern Voices 2020 programme, a scheme which develops new and exciting talent for screenwriting. 

Having trained at ALRA North, Houmi has worked across a variety of mediums, including theatre, television, gaming and audio voiceover. She has previously worked with the Dukes Lancaster, Oldham Coliseum, Stephen Joseph Theatre and York Theatre and filmed for BBC One, ITV, Channel 4, Netflix and Amazon Prime. Houmi has also provided voiceover for Sega and BBC Radio 4.

In the Beginning Woman was the Sun
Commissioned by Eclipse Theatre and Unity Theatre

Houmi Miura is a Japanese immigrant who came to the UK when she was two years old. She grew up in a country that depicts people who look like her as submissive nerds, giggling school girls or fetishized geishas and has filled her pantheon of feminist icons with people who look nothing like her, with no idea about landmark figures from the motherland.

Houmi has had enough of stereotypes and disenchantment and is going on a quest to find some badass Japanese female heroes from history to become her new pin-up girls. And given the increasing lack of belief in our world leaders today, maybe we could all do with some new heroes to believe in.

In the Beginning Woman was the Sun is a one woman show that intimately explores how racial identity is depicted when you have no say in the matter, how to subvert it and ultimately, how to smash the stereotype and get on the road to empowerment.

The show has also received Made at HOME and Arts Council England grants. Houmi will be working with a team of 11 creatives to take the piece through a Research and Development stage, to experiment with movement, sound and projection.

Support from Eclipse and Unity as part of this commission, will help the show develop to the next stage, where Houmi hopes to perform it across a Northern tour.

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Photo credit: Garry Cook

Eclipse Commissioned Artist: Houmi Miura