Eclipse Commissioned Artist: Dorcas Sebuyange

Dorcas Sebuyange is a Congolese multi-disciplinary artist specialising in drama, music, poetry and dance. Her recent theatre credits include Big Up (Theatre-Rites & 20 Stories High), Black Men Walking (Eclipse Theatre) and I told my Mum I was going on an R.E. trip... (20 Stories High). As a musician she has supported line ups including UK artists Akala, Lady Leshurr, Sway and Lowkey.  She has also worked with BBC, LUSH, Writing On The Wall, International Slavery Museum, Savera UK and more in her time as spoken word artist.

Vice Versa
Commissioned by Eclipse Theatre and HOME Mcr

Commissioned by Eclipse and HOME, Vice Versa is a show which explores the journey in which one becomes emancipated from the powers of oppression in reality with themes that promote the character of political awareness or, otherwise rephrased as ‘being woke’. 

A rebellious show that is not afraid to challenge social systematic structures; exploring a narrative that leads to one’s political awakening through a musical narrative.

Vice Versa will be a collaborative installation between a performer, composer and visual artist; where visuals meet music, poetry and movement.

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Eclipse Commissioned Artist: Dorcas Sebuyange