Announcement: The 2020 winners of The Eclipse Award...

Alongside our partners at Summerhall, we've announced the winners of this year's winners of The Eclipse Award as Inititative.dkf!

In the end, it was a collective decision based on a thorough and honest process. Whichever space Initiative.dkf takes, whether it be virtual or otherwise they will bring their full selves and will continue to build on their well-deserved success. Congratulations from all at Eclipse!

Here's what winning meant to Artist Director DK Fashola…

"Being such a small team we tend to put so much of ourselves into our projects. Fragments Of A Complicated Mind is that much more intense, as works from this piece have been created since 2008. It’s always felt harder to push for our work and this show especially, within an industry which tends to gaslight and/or only accept certain narratives and forms when it comes to ‘blackness’. At first being able to do a two week run at 503 was good, but it also came with more squeezing, and learning even more about the complexity of putting this type of work on independently. Though there’s always learning to do, we were very much ready to kind of let go of the piece (despite urges from our wonderful cast). So it felt "worth it" again after the emotional, mental, creative and financial costs. We felt seen.

We actually found out just before the lockdown so in some ways it's certainly been a great anchor to keep creative and motived. Now it's being announced too, it's given us something to celebrate."

DK Fashola