#HeretoStay Programme: Shoulders of Giants

The #HereToStay programme features eight motivational career talks by inspiring Black, Asian and ethnically diverse trailblazers.

Shoulders of Giants, celebrates the Black and Asian contribution to the world of arts and culture over the last 40 years until now. During September as part of the #HereToStay Redundancy Care package these talks feature powerful, amazing, iconic and sometimes unsung people giving insights into their lives and careers - sharing the triumphs, challenges and workable solutions to remaining #HereToStay .s

NOW OPEN TO THE PUBLIC! Join us free over Zoom. Booking for the public open each week for a limited time. We encourage Black Asian and Ethnically diverse people – there are always 10 Ally tickets available for every event. 

This week's talks:

Tues 22 Sept, 6pm: Merle Van Den Bosch - Book your free ticket online here.

Wed 23 Sept, 6pm: David Bryan - Book your free ticket online here.

Thur 24 Sept, 6pm: Sukhy Johal and Eddie Maxwell - Book your free ticket online here.

Fri 25 Sept, 6pm: Hilary Carty - Book your free ticket online here.

#HeretoStay Programme: Shoulders of Giants