Eclipse Online: MENA Arts UK new film commissions

Our friends at MENA Arts invited artists and filmmakers across the UK to conceive a new one-minute film, exploring the question: How should the MENA+ Arts community celebrate what we have in common?

The result, which we’re delighted to share, is eight enchanting, joyful, and thought-provoking films spanning animation, music, poetry, dance, installation and comedy.

MENA Arts UK was launched in December 2020 to celebrate artists working in the UK live and recorded arts with a connection to the Middle East, North Africa and the surrounding area. MENA Arts UK’s objectives include lobbying for appropriate representation, advocating for change, and seeking to increase UK work opportunities. The organisation has also launched the UK’s first ever online directory of all MENA+ artists including creatives, technicians and academics and is encouraging artists as well as up and coming MENA+ creatives in the UK scene to sign up for a free listing.

Watch all eight films in selected order:

(with English subtitles)

(with native language subtitles)

(audio described)

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Photo credits: MENA Arts UK competition winners - from Left to Right, top to bottom: Amina Atiq (Photo credit: Robin Clewle), Bint Mbareh, Jida AkilMajid AdinMaral MamaghanizadehMay Ziadé, Nooriyah QaisPeyvand Sadeghian (Photo credit: Ray Roberts)
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Eclipse Online: MENA Arts UK new film commissions