Anti-Racism Touring Rider

A guidelines document to make touring a safer, more equitable environment.

The Anti-Racism Touring Rider has been created in Spring 2021 to establish the baseline of expectations between companies, venues and artists on a touring production.

Organisations and freelancers across the country fed into the consultation process for the rider and accompanying checklist, offering a series of actions for anti-racist practice and giving a framework for discussion and support before and during a tour. This toolkit was created is for everyone committed to change in the arts sector, irrespective of scale or remit.

The rider was co-ordinated and supported by the following: 19-27; Actors Touring Company; Amanda Huxtable; Complicité; China Plate; English Touring Theatre; Frantic Assembly; Graeae; Headlong; Imitating the Dog; Inspector Sands; Kali Theatre; Kneehigh; Oily Cart; Pilot Theatre; Talawa; Wise Children; 20 Stories High; Boundless; Eclipse Theatre; Fuel; HighTide; Improbable; New Earth Theatre; Northern Broadsides; Paines Plough; Pentabus; Spare Tyre; Stockroom; Tamasha; Theatre Centre.

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Anti-Racism Touring Rider