One Monkey Don't Stop No Show - 2013

An Eclipse Theatre Production
By Don Evans

"We have a place in society – and I don’t just mean black society"

Set in a middle-class upwardly mobile Black family in late 1970s Philadelphia, this exploration of class and gender finds the Reverend Avery Harrison (a Baptist preacher) clinging to his position in the local community. His upwardly mobile philosophy is avidly shared by his wife, Myra (an insightful reimagining of Mrs Malaprop), and by his son Felix, a “preppy”, privately educated college boy. But their comfortable world is shaken when Beverly, the only daughter of Avery’s recently deceased brother, arrives from the rural South. Her father has left her in the custody of Caleb Johnson, a street-wise, fast living man, but Beverly has other ideas.


The Guardian


Tour dates

16th January – 9th February 
Tricycle Theatre, London

13th – 16th February
Mercury Theatre, Colchester

20th – 23rd February
Derby Theatre

28th February – 2nd March
Hull Truck Theatre

12th Mar 2013 – 16th Mar 
Belgrade, Coventry


Myra Harrison – Jocelyn Jee Esien
Avery Harrison – Karl Collins
Beverley Harrison – Rebecca Scroggs
Caleb Johnson – Clifford Samuel
Felix Harrison – Isaac Ssebandeke
L’il Bits – Rochelle Rose
Mozelle/Mrs Caldwell – Jacqueline Boatswain

Creative Team

Director - Dawn Walton
Designer - Libby Watson
Lighting Designer - Natasha Chivers
Sound Designer - Adrienne Quartly
Photos - Tristram Kenton