Moon on a Rainbow Shawl - 2003

by Errol John

This is 1950s Caribbean island life, where the sun beats down and the music beats on, where life is poor and gossip rich. Ephraim dreams of a fresh life in Liverpool, but Rosa has a reason for him to stay; Charlie means well, but it is Sophia who works hard to provide for their children’s future. A theft in Old Mac’s shop puts them all under suspicion. These are days that will change all their lives forever.


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Tour dates

In 2003 Moon On A Rainbow Shawl
toured to:

Week 3rd Feb, Nottingham Playhouse

Week 3rd March, Bristol Old Vic

Week 10th March, Oxford Playhouse

Week 24th March, Ipswich New Wolsey

Week 31st March, South Hill Park  Bracknell

Week 7th April, Northampton/Royal