10by10 films - 2012

All of these films are available to watch on Digital Theatre Plus 

10by10 is a collection of 10 short films from 10 UK cities by 10 black writers, presenting a vivid new portrait of life in our nation today.

Each 10by10 script was shot in a single day, and  set in a different city: Middlesbrough, Leeds, Manchester, Nottingham, Bristol, Liverpool, Wolverhampton, North and South London and Sheffield.

All the films were directed by Eclipse's Artistic Director - Dawn Walton, produced by Victoria Wood, with original music by contemporary artists Chris Inperspective and Steve Survival.

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Bristol: A Blues for Nia by Chino Odimba
Starring: Sharon Duncan-Brewster
Nia has a bone to pick with someone and today she is going to find them and tell them about themselves. Trouble is her 5 year old son Tre would rather play with his toy car. This tragicomic film stars Sharon Duncan Brewster (EastendersTop BoyBad Girls) as Nia.

Leeds: Black Magic by Ben Tagoe                    Starring: Hugh Quarshie 
Armley High St, Leeds late afternoon. Marcus (11 year old mixed race boy) is walking home after school. He is spotted by a gang of white boys the same age. As Marcus passes them they trip him up then chase him up the High St. As the bullys close in on Marcus, all seems lost. Will anyone help him?

Liverpool: Omar by Maurice Bessman                  
Starring: O-T Fagbenle
Omar is young, good looking and in love. The ‘player’ has been tamed and is engaged to beautiful Belle. He travels to Amsterdam for his own stag weekend. As he stands on a quiet back street having his first ‘smoke’ a series of events begin that will leave Omar brutalised and fighting for his sanity. Is this real or is this a nightmare?

North London: Rage by Akala                                      
Starring: Jimmy Akingbola & Michael Maloney
Raymond sits in a prison cell. He reflects on the differences between his life on the outside and his present situation. Mostly Raymond reflects on the circumstances that led to him being where he is now. His fall was a long way down. What had to happen for a man in his position to descend to these depths?

South London: Parking Wars by Bola Agbaje
Starring: Jo Martin, Michelle Austin & Danny Sapani
Early Sunday morning in South East London. A group of Christians and Muslims come face to face with each other in a tiny street. Both parties witness a standoff but you won’t believe who is fighting, and no one could predict what happens next.

Manchester: Music’s in the Bones by Yusra Warsama          
Starring: Wummi Mosaku
A Somali woman is running down the Great Western Road, Manchester. She is running for her life. Through flashbacks we learn what she is running from before returning to the tragic conclusion.

Middlesborough: Perfume by Ishy Din 
Starring: Nathan Clarke & Danny Ashok
Teenage brothers, Sham and Nad are in a Middlesbrough shopping centre and up to no good. They are selling dodgy perfume to strangers with a plan to buy ganja with the proceeds. But appearances can be deceitful and all is not what it seems.

Nottingham: Brown Widow by Leah Chillery Starring: Vinette Robinson     
Meet Gee. Late 20s beautiful and a body to die for. Join Gee in her Nottingham apartment as she tells us what’s really on her mind.

Sheffield: Babydoll by Susan Hunter Downer    Starring: Everal Walsh & Tanya Richam-Odoi
A homeless man walks the streets of Sheffield collecting “treasures” (tin cans) amongst the litter. As he excitedly collects cans he finds a buried suitcase that will change his life.

Wolverhampton: Two Tone by Arzhang Pezhman                      
Starring: Shane Zaza, Neet Mohan & Oscar Ward
Ash and Raj have been best friends since school. Now in their early 20’s they are unemployed and bored. To pass the time they hide in a cubby hole at the base of St. Peter’s church in the centre of Wolverhampton, smoking and swapping small-talk. A police officer walks by in the distance. The friends try to ‘act naturally’ but despite their best efforts the policeman joins them. But as he searches them things take a very uncomfortable turn.