White Open Spaces 2016: Completely See-Through

We have joined forces with Pentabus, the nation's rural touring company to produce White Open Spaces: 2016. A series of podcasts about race and racism in the countryside. Originally produced as a reaction to Trevor Phillip’s provocation that there was a ‘passive apartheid’ in the countryside, ten years on this podcast series retells three of the original stories and offers three new perspectives on the state of society today. Post-Brexit and Pre-Trump what is our national identity? What does it mean to belong to a place if that place might not want you to belong to it?

Written by six world-class writers including Lorna French, Leah Chillery, Courttia Newland and Testament, as part of Eclipse’s Revolution Mix initiative and performed by a star cast. Sharp, funny and provocative, these six voices tell us the state of the nation today - a must listen experience released daily from 5 December 2016.